Our Story

My Dad Runs was started by a father who believes running can have a deep connection to their children. This company is for anyone trying to stay in or get back in shape for their kids.

Give All You Can

I have been running for 25 years now, doing so while college and in marathons, triathlons and ultra-marathons. In any race or workout as a runner you want to give all you can.
What I believe the meaning of “give all you can” has changed after becoming a father. Downtime is limited but staying in shape is very important to me.
Even if it is 30 minutes before a work dinner, I will run. If I am in overseas for work & jet-lagged, I will run. If my daughter is up at 5am and wanting to go with daddy, I will run with her. 
My Dad Runs mission is to become a community of running dads that can share their motivation for running with their children. If you run mile, 10 miles or 20 miles it doesn’t matter. Giving all you can is all that matters no matter how long you run. 
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